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Feldenkrais: Awareness through Movement
Classes: Friday 4:30 - 5:30pm
Saturday 10:00 - 11:00am

11:15 - 12:15pm

The unusual way to Fitness, Health and Joy
Unusual Feldenkrais lessons

Dr. Feldenkrais developed hundreds of lessons to approach movement, brain and mobility from every angle possible. He also was a Black Belt Judoka and devised many movement lessons for his judo students. Thus there are many rolling lessons and lessons that teach how to have a powerful center and move from and around the center. Dr. Feldenkrais also studied developmental movements of babies and children. He concluded that if you cannot roll or crawl with ease and pleasure than you have lost the basis of walking.

This workshop series focuses on those bigger Feldenkrais Lessons that usually invoke laughter and joy and help to become your potent self. These lessons are certainly a great way to get younger. For People of all walks of Life, for Dancers, Martial Artists or Yoga practitioners this is a great addition to your practice.

Sundays 4:00 - 6:30pm
Cost: one $35 or 3 for $85
Dates: April: 14; 21; May: 5; 19;



Healthy Spine Series
Saturdays 1:30 - 4:45pm at Still and Moving Center
1024 Queen Street, Honolulu, HI, Tel (808) 397-7678

April 6
Freeing the Neck, 7th Cervical & Atlas
New lessons!

The neck is like a bottleneck between our brain and our torso. Unfortunately that is where we carry around lots of tension and injuries making that narrow place even narrower. That results in many unpleasant, painful and even dangerous conditions. If we can soften and heal there we may have a whole different outlook on our life. In this workshop, you learn movement lessons that will help you to free your neck, get rid of pain and benefit your shoulders, entire posture and self. These lessons are easy to do and good for all age groups (from 9 to 99) and most medical conditions.

April 13  
Improve your eyes and soften your neck

There is an intimate relationship between eyes, neck and spine: The eyes organize the spine. They can help it to turn better and become more elongated. The benefits of this seminar are better eye, better memory, good posture and more mobility in your neck and entire spine. Eyes do not have to deteriorate when you get older. Glasses are not the cure for bad vision; it is merely a good crutch. If your eyes are not as good as they should be, you can change that with these wonderful Feldenkrais eye lessons.

April 20  
Dealing with Scoliosis & Other Spinal Twists

A little twist in the spine can become a big nuisance as we unconsciously favor a certain way of moving that tends to enlarge and ingrain the twist. Scoliosis can begin in infancy or later through lifestyle, operations and accidents. In this workshop, you receive great results with awareness and small, effortless movements. The movements you learn are put together in such a way that you learn to let go of old limiting patterns and instead find new freedom in movement. The result is improvement of range of motion, joint & organ health, general well being, centeredness and better organization in all areas of your life.

April 27  
Soft Jaw and Neck, Free Shoulders and Shoulder Girdle

This workshop is a wonderful opportunity to learn to soften your neck, and shoulder girdle by releasing your jaw. Often pain in the shoulders and arms stem from tension and injuries in the neck. Proper, tiny movements can get rid of notorious tension in jaw, shoulders and neck. These movements can be done everywhere at all times and your face looks as if it had a vacation. A special lesson for the shoulder girdle and joints will be included!

May 4  
Happy Feet, Flexible Ankles, Healthy Knees and Open Hip Joints

Feet, Ankles, knees and hips have to all working together and provide a stable but flexible base for your spine. If ankles cave in for example than your spine cannot get the right push from the feet to be erect.

In this workshop we will work on realigning all joints so that the weight gets transferred directly and effortlessly. This wil help to keep your spine and your joints healthy.

May 11  
Strong Pelvic Floor & Lumbar Spine for Men & Women

The pelvic floor is involved in many basic life functions as varied as digestion, elimination, reproduction and breathing. Improvement starts with awareness. The movement of the pelvic floor is subtle, and yet it is possible for all of us to feel its effect. Once you can feel the pelvic floor muscles working, you can learn greater control both in relaxing and contracting. If you want to improve the function of the pelvic floor, you have to learn how to contract and relax all of it, in a balanced and more equal manner. This is what makes your pelvic floor healthier and stronger, using all parts coordinated with your whole body. Discover how to sense and contract the pelvic floor in all directions combined with easy movements with the whole body. From the pelvic floor, we will move on to address the pelvis itself, plus the lumbar spine. 

May 18  
Sacred Sacrum & Powerful Pelvis

Develop awareness of your pelvis and sacrum. You will learn how to make space in your iliac sacral joint, so the many nerves leaving it do not get pinched. Also learn how the pelvis with the biggest muscles attached becomes your powerhouse for efficient movement helping your posture.

The sacrum is one of the most fascinating bones in the body .The sacrum is literally the middle of the person, the center and originating point for the energy which ascends and descends through the spine. The sacrum is the lower pole of the cerebrospinal system. The sacrum is five fused vertebrae. Therefore it conveys the greatest energy charge in the spine. Irene Dowd likens the sacrum to a keystone arch in a church. The downward force of the arch keeps the columns in place. In the body the columns are our legs and subtlety is needed to adjust to the constant micro movements we make even when we are still. Add to that the 19 ligaments in and around the pelvis, plus the 57 muscles that have a connection to the pelvis, and you have a cross over area where there is a translation of the heaven to earth forces.

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