The outstanding trainers of E WAhine help you to remove what separates you from your truth - from the truth of what you in your innermost being already know you are.
Eva Geueke is a dancer, Feldenkrais practitioner®, capoeirista and choreographer. She received her education from the Rotterdam's Dansacademie, Holland. In NYC she studied intensively at the Cunningham School, with the Trisha Brown Co. and some of the best movers and dancers of the Post Modern dance scene. Eva danced with Stephen Petronio and D. Zambrano and created work with C. Dennis, K. Koegel, F. Faust and Lisa Schmidt.

She received her Feldenkrais Practitioner‚s certification in 1987 (San Rafael, Ca.). During her time in New York she met Native American Teachers and Healers and got deeply interested with their culture and spirituality. This influenced her creative work.

Since 1988 she choreographs her own evening length pieces. Since more then 15 years she teaches internationally, the Feldenkrais® Method, Contemporary Dance technique, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais Movement, WaveWorks / Continuum).

She practices Capoeira a Brazilian Martial Arts for 10 years and became a basic Universal Tao Teacher in 2000. Eva has been a Senior teacher in several full time dance programs in Germany, such as Moving Arts School in Cologne. This provided her with an outstanding experience in leading groups. The last evening length piece she created, called EarthWalk , was shown in NYC and is a tribute to the rich dance culture of the Native American Nations. The joining of Native Americans and non Natives in Dance and Music honors the tribal roots of all people and Mother Earth.

For Eva teaching Movement is very precious, because of her believe that we not just do movement we are movement. When Movement is taught in a rigid and monotonous way everything inside can freeze. On the other hand Movement and Dance instructed with awareness can touch and express the innermost part of a human being and is transformational.

Friederike Tröscher: Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner and BMC® Trainer formed by the founder Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Occupational Therapist, dancer, Improvisation and Contact Improvisation teacher, Integrative Breath Therapist, certified Movement Therapist (ISMETA), seminars in Dance Therapy.

"My interest lies in inhabiting Body and Mind in a friendly way and to understand the intricacies of it`s interplay better. For me the interacting of BMC with different areas like dance, therapy, art, nature, spiritual development and personnel process holds big potential and richness."
Liane Stephan: Feldenkrais Practitioner®, dancer, Family Counselor - Supervision and Coaching, Integrative Body and Movement Therapist, intensive studies of Ericsonian Hypnotherapy, 1. Dan in Aikido, Seminars for business in Team development, Leadership training.



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